Saturday, June 30, 2012


Welcome to Teresina
Walking into one of Teresina Airport's two gates.
Perry and I arrived in Teresina on the 14th. When we were in Brasilia, when we told people we were going to spend a week in Teresina, the reaction was always the same: "Oh! It's so hot there!" They usually shook their heads in disbelief that we were going there. That's all of the information I could get out of people. And none of them had actually been to Teresina.

Getting to Teresina was hard work. The airport in Brasilia was hectic and we had to stay alert. During the hour that we were in the airport, our gate changed four times. We ran up the stairs and down the stairs, trying to figure out where our plane was. At boarding time, a long line formed. At the departure time, we boarded the plane. We
took off about an hour after the scheduled departure time. It was a two-hour flight to Teresina.

Well, the predictions were accurate. The moment we stepped off the plane, we felt the heat. During our week in Piaui state, the high was usually in the upper 90s, but it felt much hotter due to the close proximity to the equator. But there is much more to Teresina than the weather...

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